LogicalDOC Document Management System, DMS

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A powerful DMS but at the same time effective and easy to use .LogicalDOC is a Web-based Document Management System, easy to use and learn.
It assists its users by managing office documents in most popular formats such as PDF, OpenOffice, Word, Excel, HTML etc.. With LogicalDOC a working group can work on documents with Versioning, Articles on documents, Messaging features and keyword Tags.

Why do we need Document Management?All companies generate a lot of documents - protocols, reports, pictures and other one. One of the most time-consuming process is to find a document containing the information you need. In a computer network every user stores his documents in a folder on his hard-disk. Nobody knows which informations are stored in the virtual brain of the company and which informations are still needed.

How can a Document System support the process of Document Management?A document management system supports its user by capturing, publishing, finding, and storing electronic documents. One of the value added features is to store all documents with meta-informations like title, author, keywords, and language.

A web-based Document Management System.LogicalDOC is an application Server-Side, so it is usable by multiple users simultaneously. Does not require installing any software on the computers of users who want to use it and is compatible with the most common web browser such as Microsoft Edge 38, Google Chrome 63, Firefox 57 and Safari. This feature reduces the time otherwise needed to manage the proprietary software client at multiple locations.

E-mail: logicaldoc-users@lists.sourceforge.net

Community Resources
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